ICS Banquet 2015 with friends


My lil' sis is growing up!
My lil’ sis is growing up!

Elevator pic

Hee hee, Jessa and I have grown up and up, taller than Mum!
Hee hee, Jessa and I have grown up and up, taller than Mum!

Cross Country!

Woo Hoo!!!

This morning I woke up at 5:00am to run 5 km at 7:30 with the sun beating down on me and no water stops. Unless you wanted to swim in the lake   ; P   ‘No thank you!’   ; P

I think I did well, there were people in front of me but there were also people behind me so I know that I did not come first or last and I do not know my time yet either.   ; P

We had a good sized team come from our school and there were 120 plus kids turn up in total from our school as well as other schools.

I have some pictures, before and after, but not one of our team, yet (hope to get a hold of one soon) so here they are.

photo 2

Before (Moriah, Whitney and Me)

photo 3

After (Me, Whitney and Moriah) Significant loss in height compared to the ‘Before’ photo due to weariness   ; P

Overall, it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for our next race (some time soon-ish)

Ear Piercing! My ear itches…


photo 2


The night before I would return home from a retreat, Jessa calls me (jumping up and down) saying that Mum and Dad have given their permission for her to get her second pair of ear piercings and one cartilage piercing before her 15th birthday. Previously the rule was that we could get our second pair of piercings when we are 15 but Jessa wanted hers sooner (just 3 months sooner). So she calls me to tell me this and to ask me to come with her as I wanted a third pair of piercings (Mum and Dad also said that I could get a cartilage too, got a bonus ; P). So I said yes and we invited 2 other friends of Jessa’s to come with us, one of which also got her cartilage pierced.

So, 2 nights before our 2014/15 school year starts; Jessa is losing sleep from sore ears and I am losing sleep from sun burns (from the retreat) ; P what a cheery lot we are. ; P As I have had my ears pierced before I thought that I knew everything (I didn’t ; P) so I was telling Jessa and her friend that we only had to keep our earrings in for 6 weeks, then we can change them. Lo and behold, I was wrong ; P and it turns out that you have to keep cartilage piercings in for 12 weeks. Yes, you read right, double the time for lobe piercings. It turns out that Jessa will be able to change her cartilage piercing on her birthday ; P 


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